Martin Lehmann-Waldau (Virag) is a lawyer, mediator and coach. He supports and councels his clients to find long-term, holistic and sensible solutions for their challenges and change situations in legal, professional and private areas. His training in mediation, hypno-systemic work and coaching unite in his work in a very special way to access one’s own self as well as the concrete challenges and conflicts of professional and personal life.

Martin has had intense experiences in various professional areas and with his unique background he offers coaching session in Flensburg, Germany, since 2012. The lawyer and political scientist combines his training in hypno- and body-therapy with his exceptional experience from South Asia and the Himalayas. He accompanies you process in a very caring way.

Email: virag (at)

Pfinztalstraße 90, D - 76227 Karlsruhe, Germany

Phone: +49 721 470399 50, Fax +49 470399 51

From 1998 to 2010 Martin has lived in the Indian Himalayas where he worked as freelance journalist and trekking manager. Since 2010 he presents stories and snapshots at events across Europe thus making accessible this fantastic and special world. He shows with humour and feeling why various ways of looking at things and events are relevant in our daily lives. In an entertaining way he makes his listeners wonder and think and eventually reflect on themselves and their own way of life.

Martin has the Indian nickname Virag. In the Hindu system of yoga, viragya is a state in which the aspirant begins to detach from the things as he looks at them. This detached consciousness helps to gain insight into what is behind appearances.