Moving Realities

Legal Councelling and Mediation with Tea

The lawyer Martin Lehmann-Waldau offers legal counselling and support in a relaxing atmosphere. As a mediator he supports and facilitates conflict management and conflict resolution processes. His main area of work lies in cross-cultural and international business as well as family mediation. For further information on the mediation process please send an email to

Individual Coaching with Tea

In private coaching sessions, Martin moves realities together with you, creating new moving realities together with you. This work leads towards a greater connection and sustainable developments in both private and professional areas.

Using methods of meditation and hypnotic Ericksonian trance work as well as with the help of systemic solutions and body movements we are gaining a new access to our own consciousness. You will discover the possibility to let go of old patterns and develop new ways of being in the world. An new kind of creativity can now enter your life.

In a playful atmosphere, in a space of care, respect and curiosity we will research the areas that block yourself from realizing your dreams and goals. In a focused way we work on a topic of your choice. Conscious research in a safe and supportive space will help you take the next step and develop the process further in your daily life.

The session takes place in a respectful and confidential space.

Sessions (60 minutes) cost 150,- € per 60 minutes plus VAT. Therefore, the price for 90-minute-session is 267,75 € including all taxes. Discounts are available for multiple bookings. For more information please send an email to

New in 2013: Skype Session for only 90,- € plus VAT per 60 minutes!

The sessions are no replacement for therapeutic sessions and other medical work. This work is based on taking full responsibility for one’s own decisions and actions.

Movement with Tea

Disputes are often marked by a standstill in attitudes. The positions seem stuck and a solution to the conflict seems hard or even impossible. In such situations it can be helpful to look at the conflict from a new angle using methods of mediation. Martin offers conflict management and conflict work within a successfully proven framework. He helps to bring again space and movement into the process of the conflict. The aim is to develop long-term helpful, supportive and satisfying results for all parties involved in the conflict.

The process of mediation works in such a way as to allow you to develop a better idea about the relevant aspects of the conflict including your own role in it. This position enables you to develop solutions and begin a new dynamic. I am happy to support you on this work. The process is at all times fully transparent and open.

Evening Lamp


Using methods of meditation and Ericksonian trance as well as exercises from contemporary dance we create a new sense of our own body and mind. We dive into the world of the subconscious and bring the forms that we find there up towards the surface. These forms, bodies and faces pile on top of each other thus creating a new transparent world. Visiting this world offers the possibility to get out of old structures that enclose the way we live. A new creativity opens up. These bodies in space transport us to a mystical place. Music supports the group in this process and helps us to discover and express the various aspects of our personality. This mix of work-out, self-experience and meditation leads to a deep grounding in oneself.