Have you always dreamt of a travel story that actively takes on all your senses, that not only gives you insights into a foreign country but also playfully tells you more about yourself? Is it asking too much?

That is how I have felt. I was always looking for immediate access to interesting travellers and also to my own world of experiences beyond the perfectly organized format of the usual shows. With “Take your tea” I have created a project that tries to do just that.

Tea Stall Image

The project is on one level based on my experiences of having spent twelve years in India and Asia. I have worked there in several positions. Lately, I have been a freelance journalist in the region. On another level, my way of telling stories is inspired by the myths of India and uses tools from NLP and hypnosis. I take the listener on a unique journey and offer the possibility to discover new things about a foreign country, about unfamiliar people and finally about one’s own self.

My stories have no beginning and no end. Rather, they are snapshots, momentary images and atmospheres that are part of people in other places but are also of importance for us here. I draw vivid pictures into space and talk to all senses of the listener.

I take my listeners on a unique journey and offer them the possibility to discover new things about a foreign country and a foreign way of life, leading them finally towards discovering themselves in a fresh way.

My multiple ways of approaching the subject guarantee an insightful evening.